Information on Selling

When you are getting ready to sell, there can be a lot to consider.

  • What are the repairs and improvements that can mean the most to my bottom line?
  • Is now the best time or should I wait?
  • What should I keep and what should I get rid of?
  • Will my neighbors be mad at me? How much inconvenience should I expect?

I have honed my home-selling process so that your sale comes as close as possible to achieving your timeline and financial goals. It all begins with a discussion…

 Take a moment to consider…


If you have to move, what is happening in the real estate market is irrelevant to deciding if now is the right time. But if you are selling out of convenience or your timeline is flexible, timing the market may just be to your advantage. Variables such as interest rates, employment, and inventory can dictate the number of buyers in the market. The more buyers, the better chance you have of realizing the most for your property.


Are you buying a larger and more expensive home or downsizing to a small condo? Are you staying in the area? I find that when you can envision where you are moving that it is easier to strategize in terms of your finances, your timing, and your stuff!


In my experience, you get out the elbow grease you put in to fixing up your property before a move. But I can help you determine the repairs and maintenance that are absolutely necessarily and possibly some ideas for making improvements while you are at it that can really add to your bottom line!